Refund and Cancellation

With our mission to make our services more customer-friendly, we have guaranteed money-back provisions. In the below-mentioned situations, we offer a 14 working days satisfaction guarantee:

  • Where your requirement work does not include our small task services.
  • In case of an over-loaded situation due to excessive work requests, we unable to accommodate your requirements.
  • When the service offered by us is not as per your expectation and is not aligned with the initial work contract.

Our ultimate goal is to provide 100% customer satisfaction throughout the project journey with desired end results. If you are unsatisfied with the deliveries at any point in time of the project or with the final output, you can always reach out to us at We always request you to connect with us before initiating the refund request.

refund and cancellation

Once the tasks assigned to our developers and designers are marked completed, and you are not happy with the outcome, you agree to notify Ecommerce Small Task within 3 working days. In case you fail or miss to do so, we will consider the task or project as completed.

In such a case, when you do not notify Ecommerce Small Task about your dissatisfaction within the stipulated 3 working days of the work completion, the project will be considered complete, and no refund request will be entertained or processed by Ecommerce Small Task.

In the case where you notify Ecommerce Small Task about the tasks already marked as completed after the mentioned 3 working days, you need to buy the tasks again, and we will resolve all the issues to deliver the tasks as per your expectations.

Suppose you inform Ecommerce Small Task about your concern and issues with the completed task within the mentioned 3 working days. In that case, we will consider the task as open and take all necessary actions to deliver the project with all the required modifications to meet your expectations.

After receiving your issues, our legal team will also investigate the matter and check whether the final results delivered by our developers and designers match the requirements. It is essential to verify if the results are really different from what you had asked for.

If the situation appears where despite notifying Ecommerce Small Task about the concerns related to the completed task marked by our team within 3 working days, we are unable to deliver the project or complete the task as per your expectations, a full refund will be issued within 14 working days of your refund request. The project will be rolled back to its initial state in such a case.

Refund(no money back) and Cancellation Policy is not applicable for Ecommerce & Shopify store(s) or shop(s) or website(s) in the following cases:

  • Setting up your Ecommerce & Shopify store(s) or shop(s) or website(s) from scratch to finish.
  • Integrating a new theme with all setup or partial setup.
  • Only integrating a new theme.
  • Replacing the old theme with another theme with all setup or partial setup.
  • Only replacing the old theme with another theme.
  • Moving to one ecommerce platform from another ecommerce platform.